♦ Self Mailer Flex Mailing K1 converts printed paper into A4 size envelopes (2 to 5 sheets together in a single A4 auto envelope) quickly and efficiently.
♦ LCD display touch screen with status messages.
♦ Has four feeding systems.

♦ K1 -Advertisements and document feeding.
♦ Feeding system with adjustable side guides.
♦ Mechanical system to feed one sheet at a time (friction) starting by feeding the sheets at the top of the paper stack.
♦ Aligning mat before the envelope module.
♦ Automatic glue application.
♦ Glue supply on the side.
♦ Fully adjustable knurl.
♦ 2 to 5-sheet counter and grouping mode system in a single auto-envelope.
♦ Contain “pockets” with millimeter scales for folding adjustments.
♦ Folding system fully adjustable by the operator.
♦ Sensors on the upper acrylics protection caps.
♦ Closed heating station for rapid drying of the glue ensuring full envelope closure.
♦ Vertical stacking auto-envelopment output system that allows the auto-envelopes to be withdrawn without interrupting the process.
♦ Emergency button, counter, double sheet sensor, paper end sensor and speed variator.
♦ Structural cabinet with noise damper.
♦ Water based glue (no chemicals), which does not require daily cleaning, avoiding waste.

Optional: Optical mark reader / Bar code reader / 1D and 2D bar code reader (reading speed 55 readings per second).

Paper Size (Portrait) K1 A4
Friction Feeder Capacity K1 3.000 sheets
Nominal Speed 2.000 auto-envelopes / hour
Output Vertical Stacker Capacity 250 auto-envelopes
Paper Grammage 75 a 90 g/m²
Voltage 220 Volts
Consumption / Max. Current 1Kw / 15A
Noise Level 80 dB
Knurl Double
Number of Folds 2 Folds
Auto-envelope amount per sheet 2 to 5 sheets together in a single A4 auto-envelope
Equipment dimensions L/W/H 116,14” x 25,59” x 47,24”
2950 x 650 x 1200 mm
Net weight 584 lb / 265 kg

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