♦ Automatic hudraulic programable cutter with infra-red beam guard sensors for safety, line-light cut position, front, black and lateral table coated ind stainless steel and air couching in the front.
♦ Reclinable back table facilitates transportation and installation in small spaces.

♦ Equipment designed to handle large volumes of work in small spaces.
♦ State-of-the-art technology and futuristic design is the differential of the MGL CUTTER R6709 V9.1.
♦ Front control panel with 10.2-inch touch screen.
♦ Digital measurements input and programmable.
♦ Paper clamp hydraulic drive (buttons or Front Pedal).
♦ Button Push- advances backgauge by 3.93’’ (10 cm) after cutting and returns to the previous measurement, making paper handling easier.
♦ Measurements in mm or inches.
♦ Integrated front console.
♦ Oil pressure display with external meter.
♦ High precision backgauge.
♦ Independent paper and knife holder pistons.
♦ Calculator

Maximum cutting width 26.37’’
670 mm
Maximum cutting height 3.46’’
88 mm
Table depth 26.37’’
670 mm
Minimum cutting size 0.78’’
20 mm
Cutting precision ± 0,00787’’
± 0,2 mm
Accuracy of measuring position ± 0,00393’’
± 0,1 mm
Clamp Hydraulic with independent piston
Backgauge Automatic and programable
Side table size 27.55’’
700 mm
Programming Automatic: 80 programs with 80 steps per program
Divider: 80 programs with 80 steps per program
Line-light cut position indicator Yes
Button Push Yes
Actuation motor Servo-motor
Backgauge speed 3.5 to 7 metres per minute
Voltage 220V – 50Hz / 60Hz – 2300W
Dimensions L/W/H 65.74’’X66.92’’X61.81’’
1670 x 1700 x 1570 mm
Net weight 1216.95 lb
522 Kg
Package dimensions L/W/H 51.18’’X48.03’’X65.35’’
1300 x 1220 x 1660 mm
Gross Weight 1300.73
590 Kg

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