♦ Touch Screen
♦ Folded back worktable
♦ Air rolling ball front work table

♦  CE standard, safety latch, safety wall, double auto. Breaker safety
♦  New instruction, Higher accuracy
♦  Touch screen: Optional 7” or 10” touch screen
♦  Setting: Program, equal parts size, manual memory
♦ Before blade cutting, After blade cutting and push, Any setting, intelligent and convenient
♦ Easy to input the size arithmetic, Support insert, delete and Shortcut key
♦ Optional language, parameter, time and inch/mm setting, and Screen brightness adjustment. Self-checking is simple and directly!
♦ Shortcut key to choose, save!
♦ Centralized control circuit for easy maintenance
♦ Ball table, easy to feeding the paper
♦ More thickness stainless working plate, wear well!
♦ 85-88 mm cutting thickness!
♦ Frequency conversion motor, more powerful! (optional)
♦ Side table – assemble
♦ Foldable and disassemble backstage
♦ Convenient for transport and enter the door
♦ Cutting sticker can re-use by 8 times
♦ Integrated console
♦ Pedal press or auto press
♦ More convenient to adjust the blade height
♦ Outside press pressure key
♦ Oil pressure display
♦ Widely double push guide rail and more accuracy! Ball guide screw, servomotor increased by two times (optional)
♦ Underneath type press, double hydro-cylinder cutting, Oil proof and more convenient for service
♦ Press is more stably (straight and double guide rail)

Type R5609 V8.1 R5609 V9.1 R6709 V8.1 R6709 V9.1
Max cutting size (mm) 560*560 560*560 670*670 670*670
Max cutting thickness (mm) 85 88 85 88
Min.cutting size (mm) 20 20 20 20
Position accuracy (mm) ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Cutting accuracy (mm) ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.2
Ball table Yes Yes Yes Yes
Press way Hydraulic+Pedal Hydraulic+Pedal Hydraulic+Pedal Hydraulic+Pedal
Cutting way Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Display LCD 10.2 Touch screen LCD 10.2 Touch screen
Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arithmetic No Yes No Yes
Push motor Step motor Servomotor Step motor Servomotor
Push speed 3.5m/m 7m/m 3.5m/m 7m/m
220V(110V) ±10%, 220V(110V) ±10%, 220V(110V) ±10%, 220V(110V) ±10%,
50Hz(60Hz), 50Hz(60Hz), 50Hz(60Hz), 50Hz(60Hz),
2000W 2000W 2300W 2300W
Side table Optional Optional Optional Optional
Machine size (mm)
1450x920x1480 1450x920x1480 1560x1030x1480 1560x1030x1480
(side table size :700) (side table size :700) (side table size :700) (side table size :700)
N.W: (Kg) About 450 About 450 About 500 About 500

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