♦  The desktop self mailer PS-750/4 A4 transform flat sheets into self mailing envelopes, on the A4 format (one envelope per sheet) with speed and efficiency.
♦  Mechanical system to feed one sheet at a time by friction.

♦ Feed table with modular side guides and capability of replenishment without interrupting the running of the machine.
♦ Perforating system.
♦ Lateral glue supply.
♦ Whater base glue (without chemicals), that don’t need daily cleaning.
♦ Has a open cover sensor.

Optional: Aluminum gabinet/ Especial shape under order.

♦ Some configurations may be changed to attend the client specific need, or technological alteration without previous warning.

Paper format (portaint) Letter/A4/craft 1 and 2
Paper format (landscape) No
Capacity of the friction feeder 300 sheets uninterruptible
Rated speed 6000 envelopes of A4/hour
Outfeed capacity 250 sheets A4
Grammage of the paper 0.13 to 0.42 lb/m
Voltage 110/220 volts
Consumption 0.5KW/10A
Noise level 80dB
Perforator Double
Fold quantity 2 or 3 Folds
Quantity of envelope per sheet 1 envelope per sheet

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